Example: "4:2:1 Bunch Merging in SIS18" (B. Zipfel et al., GSI Scientific Report 2010)
Example: “4:2:1 Bunch Merging in SIS18” (B. Zipfel et al., GSI Scientific Report 2010)

Main Focus

The field of accelerator technology is an interdisciplinary one, to which numerous engineering and physical sciences as well as mathematics contribute. The accelerator technology group cannot cover all these aspects. At the moment, the main research areas focus on the following topics that are related to synchrotrons and storage rings:

  • Machine development experiments with beam
  • Feedback control loops for RF systems
  • Architecture of complex, digital, distributed systems
  • Digital signal processing (e.g. with digital signal processors and FPGAs)
  • Physical-mathematical modeling of components
    (enabling complex simulations and analytic studies)

The accelerator technology group at TU Darmstadt has strong connections with the nearby GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH. There exist numerous cooperation projects with other institutes and research groups of TU Darmstadt as well as with different universities and research institutions.

Examples drawn from Practice

  • FIB with DDS-FAB
  • Stability Diagram
  • Macro Particle Tracking Simulations
  • Modeling of a Ferrite Cavity
  • Visualization of a Two-Step Calibration
  • Dual-Harmonic Operation
  • Block Diagram of Beam Control Systems
  • De-Multiplexing of a Bunch Signal