Student Projects

Student Projects

For questions concerning projects for bachelor, master, or diploma theses please contact:

Dr. Dilyana Domont-Yankulova, Dipl.-Ing. Kerstin Groß

List (in German) with exemplary student projects:

Master thesis in the area of medical engineering at VOCO:


Completed / ongoing Projects

Project Topic Student(s) Completion Date
Masterthesis Influence of the Barrier-Bucket-Cavity’s Signal Quality on Synchrotron Beam Dynamics Ilya Klyashtornyy 2017/08
Project Seminar Automated Measurement of the Barrier Bucket RF-Systems' Frequency Response using PRBS Signals Denys Bast, Armin Galetzka 2017/04
Bachelorthesis Measurement of the Phase and Amplitude Transmission Properties of Coaxial Lines in the Lower MHz Range Michael Ehresmann 2017/03
Bachelorthesis Modeling and Field Simulation of a Measurement Setup for High Permeability Ring Cores Denys Bast 2017/03
Bachelorthesis Analysis of the Amplitude Control System for the Radio Frequency Cavity at the CRYRING Kemal Pasic 2016/03
Study-Thesis (Diploma) Comparison between Field Simulation and Analytical Models for Coaxial Transmission Line Jan Latzko 2015/12
Proseminar Comparison of Closed-Loop Control of Cavity Systems in Synchrotrons Kemal Pasic 2015/10
Masterthesis Full Automatic Calibration of the ?DDS-Modules Phase Response for the Heavy-Ion Synchrotron Nathalie Piraban Lozano 2015/10
Masterthesis Analysis and Practical Validation of Digital RF-Feedback Loops Using Numerical Differentiation Samuel Braun 2014/12
Project Seminar Measuring and Modeling of Coaxial Transmission Lines in the MHz Frequency Range Dominic Etienne Charrier, Estevão Dos Santos Gedraite, Nikolai Schmitt 2013/07
Diploma Thesis Characterization and Theoretical Modeling of the Hysteresis Behavior of a Nickel-Zinc Ferrite Material for High Frequency Applications Alexander Hampel 2011/11
Diploma Thesis Modeling of the RF Control System of a Synchrotron Accelerating Unit Uta Kristin Hartel 2011/05